Thursday, October 8, 2015

Flannel Friday: This is NOT a Pumpkin

This is NOT a Flannel Story!

(Because it's made out of paper)

I made most of my "flannel" stories out of paper not because I'm some sort of rebel against the fabric industry, just because I like paper. It's a more versatile and easier medium to work with for me.

With Halloween coming up, I wanted to do "This is is NOT a Pumpkin" by Bob Staake. If you have read this book, you probably have found it as quirky and charming as I do.

Also if you've used this book in storytime, you'll notice it presents some challenges.
1- It's small (typical board book size)
2- It's an older book and often harder to find in libraries (Our system only had 7 copies)

I researched and googled ideas for a flannel on this story and didn't find one. So perhaps I'm the first person to do this book as a flannel and share it. Enjoy!

This is NOT a Pumpkin- Text by Bob Staake

Book added for scale

This is NOT a pumpkin, 
It's round
It's big, 
It has a steam
But this is NOT a pumpkin

You can turn it sideways
You can even turn it upside down.

You can put it in a corner
or throw it high in the air
And wonder if it will come back down

But no matter HOW you look at it this is NOT a pumpkin!

Why because EVERYONE knows that pumpkins
(Turn you pumpkin around)

Don't SMILE!

Pumpkins don't smile or frown

Jack-o'- lanterns do.

This is NOT a pumpkin.
THIS is a Jack-o'- lantern!

The trick to creating this is to make sure the back of your pumpkin matches the front of your pumpkin. Since I used laminated paper, I also made sure to place a few pieces of double stick table on each side of your pumpkin and in the corners (for the "putting in in the corner, throwing it up" etc.) If your felt is super good at sticking to your board, kudos to you! But for the rest of us...double stick tape.

The eyes, nose and mouth are removable, chiefly the mouth has to be easy to move so you can turn it upside down to frown.

May your upcoming storytimes be spooky!


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